ZT, ZTN, ZTNA, Oh my! (and some other things)

Hello! I’m back with another installment in a series of posts around zero-trust network access. I’ll explain some more of the architectural components (in general) and touch on the difference between the ZT, ZTN, and ZTNA nomenclatures. So – What is the difference between ZT, ZTN, and ZTNA? Well, Zero Trust is a set ofContinue reading “ZT, ZTN, ZTNA, Oh my! (and some other things)”

Zero Trust Network Access – The journey continues!

For the next part of my ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) series, our journey continues around all things ZTNA space today. There are probably many questions, and some are probably unsure what all this Zero Trust stuff is and how it relates to networks or remote access. I’m going to start with what is, toContinue reading “Zero Trust Network Access – The journey continues!”

The Explosion of Zero Trust Network Access

In the last couple of years, the tech world has been buzzing about Zero Trust. Every month or so there seems to be a new product with the zero trust label in it. It’s almost like seeing those gluten free labels everywhere. Since 2019 or so remote access has been undergoing a transformation in theContinue reading “The Explosion of Zero Trust Network Access”